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8th - 10th March 2024

​Empowering, encouraging and enthusing women to explore the mountains in winter



The Scottish Highlands in winter can be wild and intimidating, but they can also be awe-inspiring and magical.

With the right skills and knowledge, you can make these mountains your playground throughout the winter months.

We are teaming up with Abacus Mountain Guides to bring you a weekend of new experiences, new skills and a chance to push yourself physically and mentally in a safe, supportive environment.

Whether you are new to snowy mountains or an experienced winter climber looking to perfect your technique, the Women’s Winter Festival has something for you.  Join us for a weekend of building confidence and having fun in a unique celebration of the great outdoors!  

See below for details on all courses and workshops taking place as part of the inaugural Womens Winter Festival on 8th - 10th March 2024.

There is also an evening programme of inspirational speakers and winter safety tutorials.

Not sure it’s for you? – just drop us an email and find out. 




Winter Skills 101

DATE: Sat, March 9th, 8.30 - Sun, March 10th

PRICE: £200 per person

If you're a keen summer hill-walker but lack the skills to venture into the winter mountains, then this is the course for YOU!

The mountains of Scotland are a breath-taking sight when covered with snow, but without the skills and knowledge to negotiate them safely, they can be very dangerous. ‘Winter Skills 101‘ is a two-day course which aims to give women the skills and confidence to continue hill-walking into the winter months.


Discover Winter - guided trail running adventure

DATE: Sat, March 9th, 7.30am

PRICE: £85

This Girls on Hills event is a leap of faith and an adventure like no other! Join us in the darkness of Scottish Winter where we will begin our run by torchlight, heading out on remote trails to discover the raw beauty of the Highlands in winter.


We can't tell you what the weather will be but we can tell you it won't be warm - we may face snow, rain, hail or ice but we will be prepared! 

image0 (17).jpeg

SILVA Navigation Refresher - be winter ready!

DATE: Sun 10th March, 09:40am - 4pm

PRICE: £65

A one-day navigation course for women, refreshing the essential techniques and strategies necessary for navigating in the mountain environment - including in poor visibility and winter conditions*.

Skills covered include map-reading, contour interpretation, taking and walking on a compass bearing, plus route-planning and micro-navigational strategies for poor visibility.


Through an indoor theory session, we will also cover skills unique to the winter environment, to support safe travel in snow/white-out conditions. Intermediate to advanced level (i.e. some experience of self-navigation in summer required).




2 Day Winter Hill Walking Skills

DATE: Sat 9th - Sun 10th March 2024
​8am to 5pm

PRICE: £200 per person

Learn the basic skills required to start exploring the mountains in winter so your adventures don't stop when the snow starts falling.


2 Day Intro to Winter Climbing

DATE: Sat 9th - Sun 10th March 2024
​8am to 5pm

PRICE: £260 per person

Get to grips with basic rope work and other essential skills to take your winter outings onto grade I and II ridges and gullies.

DSC_0032 (2).jpeg

2 Day Winter Climbing Progression

DATE: Sat 9th - Sun 10th March 2024
​8am to 5pm

PRICE: £380 per person

Make the move onto steeper terrain and learn the skills to start tackling grade II and II winter routes.

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