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I don’t know what to expect!

When you book with Girls on Hills, you’ll receive an automated booking confirmation email via Eventbrite (check your inbox and junkmail for this!) You will be asked to provide some contact details and basic information when you book with us. We’ll use these to help plan your adventure with us! 

At the beginning of the week of your course (usually on the Monday), you will receive a FINAL DETAILS email detailing the meeting arrangements for the day and kit list. 

On the day we will most likely meet at/outside a café for a quick meet-n-greet and to go over the route and plan for the day. We will be outside all day, but don’t worry we won’t be on the move the whole time (see details about required fitness below). At the end of the day we’ll have a quick debrief and make a plan for where and when to meet the next morning (for two-day courses). The second day of the course will be different from day-1 and complimentary in terms of terrain or learning. 

Please don’t worry! If the FAQs here don’t help, just drop us an email at  


How fit do I need to be? 

Less fit than you expect! With the exception of our skyrunning courses, our events are open to all abilities. We run at a sociable pace with plenty of walking (i.e. all the uphills!) and stops built-in for snacks, photos and general blethering. Where possible we tailor our groupings and selected routes to suit the fitness and ability of those booking with us – we tailor our courses to you! To attend a skyrunning course, you should be able to comfortably run 10km on trail and/or have some experience of hillwalking. Again, the pace will be sociable. On all our courses, the emphasis is on the journey and on learning, rather than a target pace or particular summit goal. 


Where will we run? How far? What will the ascent be?

Our route choice will depend on the weather and conditions on the hill, in the days before the event (e.g. river levels, wind, rain, snow etc). Where possible, we tailor our routes to suit the fitness and ability of those booking with us – as per the booking details you have provided us.

If you know Glencoe well or have run with us before, it's best to get in touch and let us know where you have already been, so that we can show you new places and different views! 


What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any highly specialist equipment for Girls on Hills events. You will need a running bag/vest and trail shoes as well as waterproofs, warm clothes and some food and a drink. We will send you out an equipment link on the week of your booking (usually on the Monday). 


What is the weather forecast is terrible?

Unfortunately, we often have to deal with poor weather forecasts here in the West Highlands. However, we have become skilled at creating exciting adventures that work with the weather, rather than against it! If the forecast is poor or ‘dangerous’, your guide will take you on a modified route that will take account of prevailing conditions and keep you safe. For some high-level courses, this might mean down-sizing our expectations or changing the objective - but rest-assured we’ll give you the best day possible. Just make sure you bring the kit on our equipment list! 

If we have to cancel due to the weather then you will be given the option to transfer or be refunded in full. 


Can I transfer my booking to another course?

Up until 2 weeks before your course, we offer free transfers if you are unable to attend on the date that you have booked for. For residential courses we require 4 weeks notice. Just get in touch with your details. During the 2 weeks prior to the event, we unfortunately cannot offer transfers or refunds. For details about refunds, please see our Cancellation Policy.

I don’t have transport. Can I still come along?

Glencoe may feel remote but it is easily accessed from Glasgow and Inverness by bus. Alternatively, you can catch the train to Fort William, which is 16 miles from Glencoe. If you alight at Fort William, there are regular buses to the village of Glencoe (Shiel Buses no. 44 or by Citylink). Many also go to Kinlochleven. If you are without transport, just get in touch and we can shuttle you to/from your accommodation (as long as it’s local). On the course, we will help arrange lift-share with other guides/participants so that you can access the start/finish of your hill-day with us. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to help your logistics come together. 


Can I hire a guide for the day? 

If there is a mountain that has caught your eye or a trail running route that has captured your imagination, drop us a line and book a Girls on Hills guide! If you’re simply looking for a mountain adventure, why not get in touch and let us recommend the perfect journey or challenge for you! 

Although our events are women-only, our guided adventures are available to everyone . We have guides in Scotland, the Lake District and Snowdonia. A guided mountain day costs £170, please get in contact to discuss your request.


Is there an age limit?

No! However, we are not certified to guide under 18s without a parent present. ​


Do you guide men?

​Yes of​ course! Although our group events are women-only, our bespoke adventures (walking and trail running) are available to everyone. Just get in touch to let us know your aspirations! You can see our Equality Policy here.


How can we help reduce our impact on the environment? 

We will leave no trace in the mountains we pass through. We will carry away all our rubbish and avoid any interference with wildlife. We will follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times and where possible, lift-share to reduce parking congestion and reduce our carbon-footprint. We encourage our guests to shop and stay local, and treat our local area with the respect it deserves. If you’re unsure about guidelines and best practice around the use of bothies or wild-camping, please get in touch – we’re happy to advise. 


How much time is spent outdoors?

Most of our courses take place outside but we sometimes have an indoor/theory component. We often pop into a café for a meet-n-greet or debrief at the end of the day. 



Accommodation is not included in our course prices unless specified - allowing you’re the flexibility to choose your own to suit your logistics and budget. There is a wide range of accommodation available in the Glencoe/Lochaber area. Suitable locations would be Glencoe, Ballachulish, Kinlochleven, Onich, or Inchree (or further out, Kentallen, Appin or Fort William). If you would like recommendations, then please just drop us an email. 

Some of our events are residential and details of the accommodation are included within the course details on Eventbrite.


Do I need to bring my own food?

Food and drink are not included in the cost of our courses. We will be out all day, so please bring plenty of food and snacks with you. Where possible we will sit down for a proper lunch-stop. We like to take our time in the hills and enjoy the views! If it is cold or wet however, your guide may decide it is safest to eat on-the-go. Once out on the hill, we can refill our bottles from rivers and burns. Your guide/s will advise on where and when it is safe to do so. 


​Cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your booking with us more than 8 weeks ahead of the event, then you are entitled to a full refund. For full details of refunds with less than 8 weeks notice, please see our standard Cancellation Policy. Note - our 'Covid Cancellation Policy' offering a full refund at any time no longer applies (since 2022).

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