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If you love trail running or find joy in the mountains, help us pay it forward by donating towards our not-for-profit Access Fund and help support those women who face additional barriers to accessing our sport.

Girls on Hills was established in 2018 to improve women's access to trail/mountain running and hill walking in the UK. We challenge the barriers many women face and advocate for equity, as a means of improving female participation in our sport. We do this because there is a gender gap in trail/mountain running that does not exist in road running. Why is this important?

The health and well-being benefits of exercising in groups, in nature and in open spaces are well-documented. Mountain recreation is also a great way to build self-confidence, self-reliance and empowerment that can translate to other areas of our lives. By exploring new places and pushing-back the boundaries of our comfort zones, we can learn much about ourselves and the value of risk in an increasingly safety conscious society. These are benefits that all women should be able to access.




Despite its apparent simplicity, recreation in the mountains can be expensive. This might be due to travel, equipment or the cost of skills courses and races (not to mention child-care/caring support). Compared to the majority of women, some groups face additional barriers and are poorly represented across our sport. The Access Fund from Girls on Hills is a not-for-profit fund that will cover the cost of courses for women who find it hard to access the trails/mountains and who wish to participate. These barriers might include (and are not limited to):

  • Financial difficulties

  • Mental health 

  • Disability

  • Lack of representation (minority ethnic groups and religious beliefs)

  • Sexual or gender minority

  • Victims of abuse

  • Sole parenting/caring responsibilities

  • Social isolation


We aim to create a fund to support these women and facilitate their entry and development in our sport, enabling them to experience the many benefits that the rest of us sometimes take for granted.



Through Crowdfunder UK, we will fundraise to support the Access Fund. It will be an ongoing project that has no closing-date or fixed target - the more we raise, the more women we will be able to support! The fund will be a not-for-profit venture with funds exclusively used to cover/subsidise places on Girls on Hills introductory/skills courses courses and bespoke events/projects for women in the above categories.

You can help us spread the word by letting friends and family know about the financial support we are offering by sharing this link: Apply to the Access Fund [fund opens 01/01/24].

You can follow our fundraising progress here and on social media (Facebook/Instagram) or by joining our newsletter (visit and scroll down). Find out more about our advocacy services here

Next time you're doing a sponsored run, race or challenge, why not consider supporting our cause by fundraising on our behalf and donating your sponsorship money!

Join the Movement - make a donation!

If you love trail running or find joy in the mountains, help us pay it forward by supporting the women who will benefit most...

Apply to the Access Fund



Girls on Hills will invite applications to the Access Fund throughout the year, according to the above criteria [fund will open 01/01/24]. Applications are by email request and there is no 'application form'. Simply outline your eligibility as far as you feel is reasonable but please note that we do not expect you to 'justify' your need or evidence your position. The fund will be awarded in 'good faith' as far as funds allow. Please note that financial support cannot be guaranteed but assistance will be made wherever possible, to cover/subsidise the cost of your course/booking.

Tp apply, email us on with subject header Access Fund, detailing the course/booking and date you are interested in attending.

Financial support will be offered for introductory/skills courses only (below). The fund cannot cover accommodation/travel expenses - only the cost of course attendance.

If you have concerns about gender or are unsure whether a group setting is for you, see our Equality Policy  and reach out to our friendly team to see how we can help - we may be able to facilitate a bespoke booking for you.


Girls on Hills introductory/skills courses include:

> SILVA Navigation Essentials courses

> Hit the Trails courses (UK wide)

> Navigation for Runners courses

> Introduction to Skyrunning courses (UK wide)

> Munro Bagging 101 (mountain safety) courses

> Run Wild Dip Wild (non-residential) courses

> SILVA Night Navigation courses

> Discover Winter (guided winter trail running) courses

See our full events calendar here.

We also have limited places available on some courses through INTO ULTRA. Please apply directly for further details.

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