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Join our Community - 2024 launch

This year Girls on Hills' focus will be improving access - access to the trails, the mountains and to our services. In conjunction with the launch of our Access Fund on 1st January 2024, we have joined community platform Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website and free app which provides a way to join and engage with our fan-base/community. Our Patreon is a dedicated area where you can get direct access to content such as online courses, special offers and prizes, discounted courses, merchandise and early access to new events - through paid membership. You can even get involved in the business and help us shape the future of our wee company!

Your support via Patreon will enable Girls on Hills to deliver and expand the services you know and love! - hopefully extending our reach to a wider audience, across the UK.

How do I get involved?

Simply visit the Patreon website at or download the free app. You can find us here or search for Girls on Hills. The app is really easy to use and not at all techy! Have a read of our About Us page and flick through our 6 membership tiers. If you like what you see, you can subscribe there and then! We will post content on Patreon that is exclusively available to you and your membership tier, as well as reply to questions via the Chat function. We can also message you directly, to extend you last minute availability, offers and prizes each month.

We have looked carefully at our pricing structure to make sure you get your money's worth and save on events. For example, if you 'Join the Program' and view a full block of 5 online courses (£RRP15/session), then you will have saved £55 on the cost of tickets that month alone - that's before taking into account any of the other membership benefits!

Our Patreon - the vision

Since we established Girls on Hills in 2018, we have slowly been expanding beyond in-person skills courses, delivering more expert editorial, advocacy services and online content. The idea is to try and reach more women across the UK and deliver some of our services through digital media for those who feel that Scotland is too far or who cannot afford to attend (in terms of cost or time). We want to improve access and empower as many women as possible!

Our Patreon will be administered by Girls on Hills Co-Founder, Keri Wallace. In the highest (most pricey!) membership tiers, our offering becomes more personlised and extends, not only to a behind the scenes look at Girls on Hills (i.e. the business), but a candid take on the 'juggle' involved in mixing-up motherhood and mountains (i.e. Keri the person)!

Our membership tiers:

Thank you!

£2.50/month (plus VAT)

You're a fan and want to make Girls on Hills happen! Chip-in and help us empower more women through mountain running. Do a good thing and feel smug about it :-)

Join the Movement

£10/month (plus VAT)

Join the Girls on Hills movement and be the first to know! This tier gives early access to news, benefits and offers (from both Girls on Hills and our partner brands).

  • Exclusive notice of last minute places (cancellations)

  • Early access to special offers and deals

  • 10% off Girls on Hills (non-residential) events

  • All partner brand discount codes

  • Spot prizes from partner brands (quarterly random draw)

  • Early access to the Girls on Hills newsletter

Join the Program

£20/month (plus VAT)

Join our program for empowerment through learning! Get access to ALL our online instructional content/interviews (RRP £15 each), plus expert editorial and podcasts (early access). We'll also give you first refusal on all new and exciting events from Girls on Hills.

  • Exclusive early ticket access for new Girls on Hills courses and retreats

  • Girls on Hills' online tutorials, seminars and recces (live streaming)

  • Expert editorial (digital download upon print/online publication)

  • Access to all new digital content (any short-films, podcasts, webinars etc)

Incl. all the benefits of Tier 2 (Join the Movement)!

Join Forces

£25/month (plus VAT)

With this tier, you can start to play an active role! Have your say and help us shape the future of Girls on Hills...

  • Girls on Hills branded buff

  • Exclusive voting power! - help us make decisions that will shape Girls on Hills

  • Share your ideas and suggestions (for courses, events or partnerships) by email

  • Request blog topics (Girls on Hills blog)

  • Get some of your best photos featured and get a shout-out on our social media

Incl. all the benefits of Tier 3 (Join the Program)!

Join In

£30/month (plus VAT)

A day in the life of Girls on Hills! Join me in the rugged mountains of Glencoe, in all weathers - you can also gasp at my messy office! This tier gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run an outdoor business from home - and be a running mum living in the Scottish Highlands.

  • Candid GoPro vlogging - up mountains, while training and out on adventures (weekly)

  • Behind-the-scenes insight into Girls on Hills as a business (live streaming/video content)

  •  Signed copy (personalised) of my new book (to be published spring 2024 - ssssshhh!)

Incl. all the benefits of Tier 4 (Join Forces)!

Join our Crew!

£35/month (plus VAT)

Become part of the inner circle! This top tier gives you membership of our Girls on Hills 'crew'. As part of the gang, i'll be here to answer all your burning questions and help support you with your goal-setting, training, motivation, challenges, juggling skills and general running journey! I'll be offering you the benefit of my first-hand experiences as well as the instructional knowledge/credentials available through Girls on Hills (if I don't know the answer then i'll ask the wider Girls on Hills team!) Let's get up and running together...

  • Q&As via Patreon or email - all your questions answered

  • A live video session (Zoom) once a month, exclusively for members of this tier

  • Request theme/topic for monthly live chat

  • Become a valued member of the Girls on Hills 'crew' and join our Wall of Fame (website)

Incl. all the benefits of Tier 5 (Join in)!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our hopes for developing a new online community and a more personal way of engaging with our much valued customers - one that cuts-out the doom-scrolling and algorithms!

We hope to see you soon via Patreon.

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